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Junior High Guidelines

General Guidelines
Homework Policy Test Make Up Policy
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General Policies

All students in grades 6-7-8 are required to follow the Student Guidelines detailed in the annual calendar and on our web site.  In addition, there are other guidelines specific to the Junior High, which are outlined below:

  1. Every teacher enforces the St. Augustine School uniform regulations.

  2. Girls are never permitted to wear makeup, nail polish or artificial nails.
    Haircare products are not permitted on school property.
    Jewelry is limited to one fine neck chain, bracelet, and ring.
    A single pair of earrings and a watch is permitted.
  3. Gum, candy, and snacks are not permitted.
  4. CD and cassette players, electronic games and toys are not permitted.
  5. Students visit their lockers to change books at specific times determined by their homeroom teacher.  After October 1, no student is permitted to visit his/her locker for a forgotten item and the student risks being marked unprepared for the class.
  6. Each child is responsible for doing his/her work.  The Junior High grades are a transition from elementary to high school work and we help your child to make this transition a smooth one.  While we do not leave students completely on their own, we do expect that they will take down and complete assignments without reminders and that time for schoolwork will be carefully planned.
  7. Most tests are announced.  Unannounced quizzes are given at a teacher's discretion.  If a student has been working conscientiously there should be no reason for concern.  All tests are returned to students.  It is sometimes requested that tests be signed.  Each teacher has her own policy but all teachers expect work to be shared with parents.  Upon a student's return from absence, it is the student's responsibility to follow the pre-arranged test make-up schedule outlined below.
  8. Students are rarely given time during the day in which to complete homework.  While the time it takes to complete an assignment will vary, there is always homework to be done at home.  Homeroom and recess are not appropriate times for homework.
  9. The subject teachers gives Report Card academic subject grades.   All grades for character development are given as a majority consensus of the subject teachers with input from other school personnel.  This evaluation includes an assessment of all aspects of behavior in school related activities.

Homework Policy

All teachers in grades 6-7-8 incorporate homework as part of a student's grade.  The student will have a varying amount of homework each evening as well as both weekly and long range assignments.  All missed homework is expected to be made up unless special arrangements are made between the student and teacher.  The specific policy regarding homework, vacations, and absentees is detailed below.

  1. On the first day of a child's absence, a classmate will prepare an assignment sheet for the absentee.  This sheet will list all assignments and classwork taken that day and the absent student's books will be delivered to the office by 2:10 PM at the earliest.  Homework books will not be collected from an untidy locker.
  2. It is the responsibility of the absent student's parent/guardian to pick up the books and assignments that same day or to have made other arrangements for getting the books home.
  3. If the child is absent the next day, it is the absentee's responsibility to call a classmate for that day's work.
  4. The absent child will be held responsible for all class notes, homework assignments, and announced testing dates.
  5. Immediately  upon return to school, students will be expected to make up any missed tests.  Make ups are taken in the order missed, after school. (Spanish and Math exams may need to be arranged between teacher and student.)
  6. Assignments for extended vacations can rarely be given ahead of time.

Test Make Up Policy

When a student returns to school, he/she is expected to be prepared to make up any missed subject tests.  All tests are given after school, beginning the first day back.  Tests are administered in the order missed.  No student will be expected to make up more than three tests on any one day, unless they so desire.  Spanish and Math subjects have special considerations: those tests have to be arranged between teacher and student on the first day back.  Standardized/state tests are given during the school day.


Detention is a serious matter.  Should it be necessary, your child will bring home a form stating the date and duration of the detention to be served after school and/or Saturdays.  Since detentions are given only after serious infractions, they will not be re-scheduled.

Extra Help

Extra help is given to students who, after conscientious work and regular school attendance, demonstrate a need for assistance.  While we are more than willing to accommodate students with genuine needs, it is difficult to compensate for the class hours missed due to absences for extended vacations.

Students staying for extra help who then remain for the After School Homework Group are required to pay the daily fee as outlined above.

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